Title : An Evening To Enchant The Senses

Date : July 2017

Overview : 

An Evening To Enchant The Senses; A bespoke collaborative project between Aesop and yuko design for the launch of States of Being, Room Sprays.

Taking inspiration from the tradition of kodo, the Japanese art of appreciating incense, Aesop hosted workshops at five select stores around Australia to celebrate with guests the launch of Aesop Room Sprays. 

Each guest placement featured an exclusively designed yuko book arranged within the raw ingredients used to compose Aesop Aromatique Room Sprays. Sixty-five books were created for this collaboration, each handwritten and hand bound with linen thread, and included event details and space for guests to document the ingredients and methods of recognising notes within the fragrances.

The bespoke design led guests to unravel the binding to open the book, reflecting the graceful and precise process with which guests were revealed and introduced to raw ingredients including; frankincense, pink pepper, cardamom and sandalwood. Three different Japanese made and sourced papers were used in construction, including a delicate layering page particularly light in nature, providing guests the experience of varied texture and weight as they turned each page.